Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Camp Moments and being a proud parent

Its been 9 hours traveling from Atlanta to Barcelona and we have begun vacation we thought...until a proud parenting moment shows up via text to us back into parenting mode!

No matter how hard I work and play it's my family that keep me going.  When we landed this AM some 4000 miles from home I received this text (below) from our cousin who runs the girls camp wire my kids are this summer.

As a kid who lived for summer camp and a non-closeted musical theater geek we had to see what the video was.  It was every parents dream and fear.  Watching your child have the confidence to stand up in front of her peers and perform.  Performing could be academics, art, sports or many other things but it is that step of not caring about everyone else and doing what feels right for you.  In many ways Camp Eagle Cove gave that to me...but it took about five years when I got up on the knee board and did 10 360's (seeming so trivial now).  Avery has been a sleep away camper for 5 days and she seems to he finding herself in the best of ways.  

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...

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